Giving Back Program

John Aaroe Group Community Foundation 501 (3) (c)

John Aaroe has established and been closely involved with charitable foundations since the mid ’90s. These giving efforts have invested over $2.6 million in the communities where his agents live and work.

Because I share this same passion, I will commit to donating a portion of my commission earned on every transaction for the benefit our community.  If there is a specific organization or charity that is close to your heart, bring it up during our transaction, it would be my honor to give back.

Alan’s financial contributions to local organizations have included Studio City Recreation Center, Riverside Drive Elementary, Village Gardeners, Studio City Beautification, Southern California Golf Association (SCGA), MStreet Neighborhood Watch & other local watch groups.

Caring about our community

With 4 generations of his family having worked or lived in Sherman Oaks or Studio City, Alan takes pride in his community and puts forth enormous effort to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods he services. Through regular neighborhood watch meetings and community events Alan’s efforts have improved awareness, safety and quality of life.

Alan has donated his time or worked closely with:

Van Nuys Police Division – Alan has been designated a Police Community Representative (PCR)

Sherman Oaks & Studio City Neighborhood Council – Public Safety Committee

Village Gardeners – Board Member

Sherman Oaks & Studio City Neighborhood Council – National Night Out

Save LA River Open Space – Supporter

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